I am Roland Teeäär, a passionate videographer who infuses every project with creativity and dedication. Graduating from the esteemed Baltic Film Media and Arts School, I bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise to my craft.
Currently, I work as a videographer at the professional production company Whoosh Meedia, where I have the opportunity to collaborate on diverse and exciting projects.
As a kickboxer, I possess a strong spirit that drives me to excel in creative projects. I approach each endeavor with determination, finding innovative solutions to bring people's ideas to life.
Besides shooting videos, I'm also deeply into music under the monkier Jack Jabs. This lets me blend my love for both visuals and sound. As a musician, i have skills to record custom voice-overs for you and create engaging sound design for every project.
From adrenaline-pumping sports adventures to heartfelt moments - there is nothing i can't produce!
Contact me today and let's bring your creative idea to life!

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